Automate Your Promotions With Breadcrumbs

Simple, Innovative & Cost-Effective Digital Marketing

Automate Your Promotions With Breadcrumbs

Simple, Innovative & Cost-Effective Digital Marketing

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We find Breadcrumbs to be an extremely effective, low cost method of niche marketing. Using Breadcrumbs, we can choose to target the student market directly - resulting in increased and repeat sales.

Boost Your Specials

Designed for small-medium hospitality owner/managers, Breadcrumbs simple dashboard allows you to place all of your specials in front of thousands of Breadcrumbs users looking for inspiration for places to eat and drink! Get your business in-app today with a 1 month free trial.

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Additional Benefits

Target Locals & Tourists

Breadcrumbs app serves tourists passing through your area as well as young locals looking for inspiration. Bring in new customers at the same time as you increase your local loyalty.

Promote & Forget

Sick of worrying about promoting your deals every day? Place your recurring deals into the Breadcrumbs dashboard once and once only. Select your recurring period (daily, weekly, monthly) and get back to focussing on what you do best!

Don’t Break the Bank

Breadcrumbs is priced to be well within the budget of a small-medium establishment at just $20/month. With our set subscription price, you know what you are spending each month before you spend it!

Simple, User Friendly Dashboard

We understand that time is one of your most limited resources as a busy establishment owner or manager. That is why Breadcrumbs’ dashboard is designed to be as user-friendly and simple as possible - saving you time otherwise spent on learning how to use complicated marketing platforms. Breadcrumbs’ dashboard will have you automating your promotions within minutes, so you can focus on serving up your happy customers with a fantastic product!

Promote Your Full Schedule of Deals

Whether you are promoting 1 venue or a group, pay your set monthly subscription and promote as many deals as you want! Drive traffic in your door by using every promotion in your arsenal. Promote your daily happy hours, your weekly lunch specials and your monthly specials all from one simple platform. Pause, cancel or add last minute deals as you wish and have all changes reflected instantly on the Breadcrumbs app, for users to discover at their moment of inspiration.

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